Snuffy the Seal


I’ve always hated the new trend in TV advertisements of running spoofs of news stories as an ad…until Discovery did it. Check out their new ads for Shark Week, and tell me you aren’t getting excited for mayhem from the masters of the sea.

The follow up commercial with John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, takes it to the next level.

Spoofs of Ram’s Copied Ad


While I’m a little late to the game here, it seems the Paul Harvey/Ram ad was a (legitimate) copy of a YouTube ad.

This isn’t a post to criticize Ram Trucks. This is a post extolling ad-people for creating the following two spoofs.

Not Paul Harvey – And God Created an Ad Person

So God Made a Designer

I find it amazing what the Internet allows us to create. And the above two videos are just a taste of that ingenuity and creativity, even if it is just spoof and parody. to Offer Free Accounts

Standard moves toward the norm with announcing free, limited accounts. Experimenting with pay-to-play social media isn’t dead, but has now moved to a freemium model.

I have no experience with, as the $50 (then $36 then $5 monthly) barrier to entry was too steep to add another social media feed to follow. I’ve already been burned adopting Google Wave and Google+ early. Wave and Google+ suffered not having enough interaction to make them worthwhile. I could only imagine how bad the adoption numbers would be when customers had to pay.

I can see the freemium model growing exponentially, especially if the product is as phenomenal as they’d have you believe. More users means more value, means more users, creating a winning cycle for the small social network.


So, does anyone have an invite?

A New Social Network for My Wife


I like to tell people I missed out on finding girls Facebook. I’ve been with my wife since before Facebook existed. I also tell them if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have created an account. It looked boring, and pointless. I had AIM. I could instantly talk to all my friends.

Since then social media has taken off. You’d be hard pressed to find a site that didn’t offer social media interaction, and if you pay enough attention you can find a big new social network every month. I’ve tried a lot of social networks, some I like (Google+, Twitter, Instagram) some I don’t (Pinterest, Vine).

I’ve tried for a while to get my wife onto a new social network. I tried getting her on Twitter selling up-to-the-second information angle, but she didn’t want to take the time to read through another stream of information. I tried getting her on Instagram, as she loves taking pictures.

I finally succeeded with Path. Path allows us to post all the updates and checkins we’d normally feel uncomfortable sharing on Facebook with just each other. It works like a private, collaborative journal, and that works for us. Everything we want to remember, but don’t need the rest of the world remembering.

Ram Trucks and the Super Bowl


Premiering early in the fourth quarter of this year’s Super Bowl was this gem from Fiat-Chrysler:

Branding 101: To sell your product, sell an emotional attachment.
Ram doesn’t bombard us with horsepower figures, fuel-economy numbers or amount of cup-holders. Ram sold us the idyllic lifestyle of a farmer, and it worked.
The viewer sees himself as a farmer; sees Ram trucks as work trucks, as opposed to posing status symbols. The result, the viewer wants sees themselves as that hard-working farmer, painting Ram trucks as the vehicle for their self-perception.

Resolutions 2013


I’ve posted resolutions through every iteration of my blog. This year isn’t any different. They are as follows:

  1. Read more
  2. Work out more
  3. Write more

Ok, not a very concise list, so I’ll break it down to more actionable, defined goals.

1. Read more

I have the works of Mark Twain in the room I refer to as my “Library.” It has a bookshelf, therefore it is my library. My wife set off to get me the complete works of Mark Twain as a gift for our wedding, and I haven’t so much as cracked the spine of any of these yet. There are 25 books in total. If I read one book every other week I can have a two-week vacation.

This is goal number one as it is the most measurable. When I say “Happy 2014” I’ll know whether I have accomplished this goal.

2. Work out more

This is the same goal everyone makes; everyone would like to be more fit, eat healthier, etc. More specifically, I’d like to be able to do 20 consecutive pull ups by the end of the year.

3. Write more

I’d like to keep this blog populated with new content, and plan to post at least once a week. I hope to keep to this extremely lax schedule, especially considering this blog’s purpose is to highlight anything I find interesting. This goal, while most important, and easiest, will take the most dedication.

A Reminder: Don’t Believe Everything You See on the Internet


After a quote, supposedly from Morgan Freeman, went viral on Facebook Mashable reported the quote was fake.

I plead, before re-posting something and spreading fake news, please check your sources. It’s so easy to share on the internet today no one checks facts. It could be innocent, like a quote from a celebrity attacking the media, like with the Morgan Freeman example above, but it could get more sinister.

Earlier this year, a picture of rapper The Game was passed off to me by a co-worker, and I was told it was Trayvon Martin. The email and picture attempted to show Martin as a thug; a much different perspective than the media was depicting.

There are worse examples of poor reporting coming out of the tragedy of the Connecticut school shooting from the 14th of December.

So again, please do a little research on what you share with others. Friends and family trust you, don’t spread lies.

Jell-O Prevents Apocalypse


Last week Jell-O ran this ad:

What a great way to stay with current trends, hopping on the Mayan Apocalypse bandwagon.

Better yet, because the “predicted” apocalypse didn’t happen, the next logical step in this campaign is to place Jell-O as the savior of the world. I haven’t seen them running those ads yet, but I think it would be a great move.