Spoofs of Ram’s Copied Ad


While I’m a little late to the game here, it seems the Paul Harvey/Ram ad was a (legitimate) copy of a Farms.com YouTube ad.

This isn’t a post to criticize Ram Trucks. This is a post extolling ad-people for creating the following two spoofs.

Not Paul Harvey – And God Created an Ad Person

So God Made a Designer

I find it amazing what the Internet allows us to create. And the above two videos are just a taste of that ingenuity and creativity, even if it is just spoof and parody.

Jell-O Prevents Apocalypse


Last week Jell-O ran this ad:

What a great way to stay with current trends, hopping on the Mayan Apocalypse bandwagon.

Better yet, because the “predicted” apocalypse didn’t happen, the next logical step in this campaign is to place Jell-O as the savior of the world. I haven’t seen them running those ads yet, but I think it would be a great move.