Moves Changes Privacy Policy


Mere days after the fitness-tracking app Moves assured users about their privacy after its acquisition by Facebook, the company has changed its privacy policy to allow itself to share data with third parties. The Wall Street Journal reported the changes late Monday, which were pushed as an app update to Moves users.

Is anyone surprised that Facebook, a company built on having as much of your data as possible, would change the privacy policy of a new acquisition?

When I first heard Moves was acquired it made perfect sense. Now Facebook would have both a fitness/health app and a way to track user location 24/7 to better target advertising.

A New Social Network for My Wife


I like to tell people I missed out on finding girls Facebook. I’ve been with my wife since before Facebook existed. I also tell them if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have created an account. It looked boring, and pointless. I had AIM. I could instantly talk to all my friends.

Since then social media has taken off. You’d be hard pressed to find a site that didn’t offer social media interaction, and if you pay enough attention you can find a big new social network every month. I’ve tried a lot of social networks, some I like (Google+, Twitter, Instagram) some I don’t (Pinterest, Vine).

I’ve tried for a while to get my wife onto a new social network. I tried getting her on Twitter selling up-to-the-second information angle, but she didn’t want to take the time to read through another stream of information. I tried getting her on Instagram, as she loves taking pictures.

I finally succeeded with Path. Path allows us to post all the updates and checkins we’d normally feel uncomfortable sharing on Facebook with just each other. It works like a private, collaborative journal, and that works for us. Everything we want to remember, but don’t need the rest of the world remembering.