Snuffy the Seal


I’ve always hated the new trend in TV advertisements of running spoofs of news stories as an ad…until Discovery did it. Check out their new ads for Shark Week, and tell me you aren’t getting excited for mayhem from the masters of the sea.

The follow up commercial with John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, takes it to the next level.

Ram Trucks and the Super Bowl


Premiering early in the fourth quarter of this year’s Super Bowl was this gem from Fiat-Chrysler:

Branding 101: To sell your product, sell an emotional attachment.
Ram doesn’t bombard us with horsepower figures, fuel-economy numbers or amount of cup-holders. Ram sold us the idyllic lifestyle of a farmer, and it worked.
The viewer sees himself as a farmer; sees Ram trucks as work trucks, as opposed to posing status symbols. The result, the viewer wants sees themselves as that hard-working farmer, painting Ram trucks as the vehicle for their self-perception.

Jell-O Prevents Apocalypse


Last week Jell-O ran this ad:

What a great way to stay with current trends, hopping on the Mayan Apocalypse bandwagon.

Better yet, because the “predicted” apocalypse didn’t happen, the next logical step in this campaign is to place Jell-O as the savior of the world. I haven’t seen them running those ads yet, but I think it would be a great move.