I’m currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio working on the following things:

  • Being the best husband and father I can be
  • Aiding numerous ecommerce clients with growing their reach and sales through organic search
  • Writing down the wacky things my children do
  • While I’m at it, writing daily. Whether it’s here, or just in a Day One journal.

Not now, but things I’d like to add to this list.

  • Read through the entire Mark Twain collection in 2016. The year is early, I can accomplish this.
  • Launch a company to help small business owners with online marketing
  • Start a garden. This is underway. But it’s below freezing at this moment. So, this Spring, I hope to move this into the now list.
  • Start canning vegetables, as well as sauce and salsa. This should happen after the garden thing above takes off.
  • Start writing more at my blog, The Scout Motto. Just need to be a little bit more regimented about writing time.

This page based on inspiration from Derek Sivers and Patrick Rhone. Although I’m sure they’d argue that your now list should be longer than the “things I’d like to add” list, or even that there shouldn’t be the latter list.