Simple Truths about THIS website

Matthias Ott wrote a wonderful post on the personal website.

Nobody knows you.

Matthias Ott

Hi, I’m Ben, Ben Nusekabel. You can read my bio. You might not really know me by reading that page. Heck, I haven’t read it in so long I don’t know what’s on it. (Scurries off to read, update, and change that page to be current)

You are not entitled to anyone’s attention.

Matthias Ott

He’s right. I am not entitled to your attention. I hope I’m entitled to your respect, and a bit of decency. However, if you aren’t enjoying what you’re reading do feel free to hit that arrow at the top of your browser to get the heck away from this site.

That said, I’d like to earn attention. Who’s attention? Who knows? I’d like to craft an audience like me, into the same nerd culture, marketing, reading, and games that I am. Who would like to open a discourse of opinions on those topics and more.

Or maybe I just want to get my own thoughts out of my head, and this is the best way I’ve found to do just that.

Hit publish.

It’s yours.

Matthias Ott

I think these last two lines are the most important. This is a site by me, and for me. Without hitting that publish button, it’s just a swirl of ideas I have yet to put out into the world.

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