A Reminder: Don’t Believe Everything You See on the Internet

After a quote, supposedly from Morgan Freeman, went viral on Facebook Mashable reported the quote was fake.

I plead, before re-posting something and spreading fake news, please check your sources. It’s so easy to share on the internet today no one checks facts. It could be innocent, like a quote from a celebrity attacking the media, like with the Morgan Freeman example above, but it could get more sinister.

Earlier this year, a picture of rapper The Game was passed off to me by a co-worker, and I was told it was Trayvon Martin. The email and picture attempted to show Martin as a thug; a much different perspective than the media was depicting.

There are worse examples of poor reporting coming out of the tragedy of the Connecticut school shooting from the 14th of December.

So again, please do a little research on what you share with others. Friends and family trust you, don’t spread lies.

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