Blocking out time

Time-blocking interests me and has for a while. In college, I received a Palm Pilot one Christmas. I proceeded to fill up my days with calendar appointments and Outlook tasks. My time properly scheduled, I then promptly forgot to look at my calendar.

Then when I entered my professional life, I heard a talk by a lawyer who had her life broken down in 15-minute increments. She was able to make it through a morning workout, her day as a lawyer, and start a healthy business on the side. It sounded amazing.

Over the course of the Covid pandemic, I downloaded Sorted. This app promised to combine my tasks and calendars and auto-sort everything into a proper slot for my day. I could never get it to work quite how I wanted.

Then I read this article from The Sweet Setup on Sunsama. The siren song of hyper-scheduling and time-blocking is calling for me yet again. This time I feel like I can resist it, mainly due to a $20 per month price tag.

Scheduling things just has never worked for me. I finish my work on time. I don’t get it done at a time I’ve arbitrarily assigned myself to get the work done.

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