Google’s Panda Algorithm and Your Content

Google has tweaked its Panda Algorithm for the last three years. Panda, is Google’s attempt to battle content farms; reducing the search rankings of low quality, or “thin” content.

This most recent update to Google’s Panda Algorithm occurred sometime in the middle of May, and had extreme repercussions for press release sites. You can read more about Search Engine Land’s Search Metrics Report, and the impact it had on these site’s search engine visibility.

So, how do you avoid being penalized by Panda? Common sense.

In more depth, write newsworthy, original content. Don’t have a template of content, where you duplicate half of your press release every time you publish one. Don’t steal content you’ve found around the web.

In fact, just don’t duplicate content at all.

If you need more information on content marketing, Google has two posts on the topic:

Another step to reward high-quality sites

More guidance on building high-quality sites

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