AI Wrote This

  1. Audiobooks can be enjoyed while multitasking. Unlike books, audiobooks can be enjoyed while doing other activities such as cooking, commuting, or exercising.
  2. Audiobooks can be consumed faster. Listening to books at a higher speed can make them more enjoyable because the plot can move faster, and you can finish them quicker.
  3. Audiobooks can provide a more immersive experience. With the right narrator, audiobooks can add emotion and feeling to the story, making them more enjoyable.
  4. Audiobooks can be tailored to the listener’s needs. Audiobooks can be listened to at a speed that is comfortable for the listener, making it easier to comprehend the story.
  5. Audiobooks can be accessed more conveniently. With audiobooks, you no longer need to bring a physical book with you everywhere, as they can easily be accessed through a mobile device.

A Human Wrote This

I’ve been trying to keep notes and knowledge in an app called Notion. It’s a great alternative to Evernote and Airtable, and does both notes and databases. Notion has the added benefit of easily linking between notes. It catalogs my knowledge; jumping from thought to thought in a way that makes sense to my brain.

Recently Notion brought out the ability to have AI do work for you. I generated the above list on audiobooks with the simple prompt, “Write a blog post on the benefits of audiobooks.” Wham, bam, thank you ma’am…er…artificial intelligence, and I had myself the start to a blog post. I could have twiddled around with the AI to really build out a great blog post, but then again that would kind of defeat the purpose of this post. The point was to see how little effort I could put into putting together a great post. While that is certainly a list I’m going to steal for my eventual “Why I listen to Audiobooks on my commute” blog post, I don’t think it’s a complete replacement for a human voice.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong, and AI can take over writing these posts from now on.

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