Audiobooks are for winners

I’ve been a podcast person for as long as I can remember. I love the ability to listen to something for entertainment and educational value while also working on the tasks at hand. If I’m doing something that doesn’t require conscious thought – pulling data, doing dishes, rowing on an erg – then I’ve probably got earbuds in and I’m listening to a podcast.

I suddenly found myself at the senior level of an ad agency. Instead of “mindless work” I was being tasked with leading heavy, heady strategy calls, bouncing from meeting to meeting, and generally taxing my brain day-in and day out. Multitasking on podcasts and work no longer made sense, music did.

Yet again, my work situation has changed. I now have a commute. This commute is, most usually, riddled with stop-and-go traffic. I found my typical podcast lineup not keeping my interest. It was drowning background drivel. I took another hard left and switched to audiobooks. Every time I hop in my car I’m transported to a new world, and it is fantastic.

The AI article written for me had a list of reasons Audiobooks are superior to regular books. My only reason: They fill otherwise wasted time. I’ve finished well over 10 books in the last few months. That’s 9 more than I read all of 2020 and 2021 combined.

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