Finding the Best SEO in the World

I am not the best SEO in the world. I know this. I’ve spent my career trying to be the best digital marketer I can be. So who then is the best SEO in the world?

WTFSEO tried to give us the formula. He was much more eloquent and humourous than my self-created “Housekeepers have the Messiest Houses” analogy. He quite frankly stated anyone who says they are, or who you think is the best SEO in the world, is obviously not. The best SEO in the world would be busy putting in the work on everyone else to rank to have time to rank themselves for a vanity search.

And what I find funny…The same is true for everything. If they’re too busy trying to rank for vanity keywords it just means their marketing is good. Better to take a look at their pricing and product offering instead of just their ranking.

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