“How long have you been doing this?”

When does a habit cease to be a habit, and just start to be a personality quirk?

At work today I revealed I don’t eat carbs. The immediate response was, “How long have you been doing this?”

For more than five years I’ve been the laziest of keto. I don’t eat bread, or noodles, or potatoes, and call it a day. But five whole years is a long time. I’ve been doing this the entire life of my youngest child. In fact, it’s how I measure it. We’ve been talking about habits recently. Is this a habit? Or is this just my life now? And where is that threshold?

I’ve been going to Jiu Jitsu about twice a week for years. I still consider that a habit. Is it because it isn’t every day? Is it because I can stop whenever I want…I swear? Or is it because it doesn’t have a hold on my personality and everyday life?

When is a habit who you are, and when is it just what you do?

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