Perfection brings complexity

I’d like to set up a new type of page for the company I work with. This type of page would be duplicated numerous times and should aid in our organic search visibility. Unfortunately, this type of page would also need to be frequently, and painstakingly updated.

Herein we have two distinct issues.

  1. Create a page template to neatly display all pertinent information
  2. Develop a tool to easily update these pages

Because the ask is for more than one thing, it is getting ever closer to the perfect ideal I have for this project. However, because there are two items on this list, we’ve created at least one more distinct issue for ourselves: Where do these pages live?

So before you write out your list of must-haves, make sure you aren’t adding complexity by listing all willy-nilly anything you think is a need. It might just be a “nice-to-have,” and you can save yourself a headache.

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